President Trump In Wisconsin at a Roundtable and Meeting with Law and Order – Kenosha, WI – 9/1/2020

PRESIDENT TRUMP HELD A ROUNDTABLE WITH Attorney General Bill Barr, Ron Johnson, City leaders, Law and Order leaders, Acting Secretary Chad Wolfe DHS, Pastors, Reince Priebus, David Beth, Daniels Miskus, Zack Rodriguez and many others.   Download Now… Read More

From DHS – President Trump Delivers Remarks on Drug Price Reductions for Americans – 10/25/2018

Last year the FDA approved more than 1,000 new drugs – 16 drug companies reduced drug prices, rolled back their prices.   President Trump signed to two bills to reduce the cost of drugs: Know the Lowest Price… Read More

HOMELAND SECURITY WARNING!-AMERICA WAKE UP! DEMOCRATS Want DACA to end to Bring in “TEN MILLION ILLEGALS” that will end up being 30-40 million illegals TOTAL that ICE cannot touch-This is Schumer’s Plan! – 2/15/2018

Here is the article from Homeland Security:  Schumer-Rounds-Collins Destroys Ability of DHS to Enforce Immigration Laws, Creating a Mass Amnesty For Over 10 Million Illegal Aliens, Including Criminals   Download Now  HOMELAND SECURITY WARNING! PRESIDENT TRUMP MADE AN… Read More

The Left can’t stop screaming for the past 24 hours – It’s a new Day, It’s President Trump’s Law & Order Day

President Donald J. Trump is within his Constitutional rights and authority to fire the Former FBI Director James Comey.  The left has been calling for Comey’s dismissal for a long time now, but as soon as President Trump… Read More