DOJ NEEDS TO ACT: Twitter: A Weapon USED AGAINST the President of the United States and WE THE PEOPLE – They Need to Be Held Accountable – 6/3/2020

I WILL ALLOW MY EVIDENCE TO PROVE MY POINT THAT TWITTER is not Social Media but It is a tool used by foreign factions to infiltrate, influence, dictate, and its Own Government entity. Twitter mocks our President and… Read More

First Lady Melania Trump – Keynote Speaker at the DOJ National Opioid Summit – 3/6/2020

Learn more about President Trump’s Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse. SOURCE:  The White House When President Trump took office, the opioid crisis was devastating communities across America. Nearly 64,000 Americans died from a drug overdose in 2016 alone…. Read More

Joe diGenova Speaks About Nadler’s Impeachment Push – 8/1/2019 #wwg1wga

Nadler continues his efforts to impeach a Great President with his lies.   There never was Collusion or Obstruction! Durham has an ongoing criminal investigation of senior DOJ & FBI personnel of the Obama era going on right… Read More

Statement from the Press Secretary – September 17, 2018 – The White House

DOJ Declassififies FISA documents and Russia probe texts.

Devin Nunes On Whether the FBI/DOJ Will Provide Key Information on “Informants Used to Spy on the Trump Campaign” – Fox And Friends – 6/25/2018

Intelligene Chairman Devin Nunes on The FBI/DOJ obstruction

Sen. Judiciary Cmte. hears testimony about IG report on FBI, DOJ and email probe – 6/18/2018 -FBI DIR.: Christopher Wray – DOJ: OIG Michael Horowitz

Hearing on the Inspector General’s OIG Report



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