The media colludes to tell us Lies and this is what they say! 4/23/2020

  The deep state is destroying our country, our liberties under the U.S. Constitution! Very Interesting exchange Caught on (GST HOT MIC) between FAKE NEWS @FoxNews @johnrobertsFox and a FAKE NEWS Tech at Todays White House Press Briefing!… Read More

See Media Bias At Work – Look For Yourself – #FISA Illegal Surveillance of a Private U.S. Citizen and then POTUS Trump – 12/11/2019

We have all seen it! We have all wondered!  How is it that we know exactly what President Trump is really doing in DC, at the White House, all his Achievements but the rest of America is totally… Read More

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders -The White House – 10/12/2017


President Donald J. Trump Punches Back ! – #FraudNewsCNN #FNN – Lying Media ! Fraud News Network ! America Loves It!!!

Never seen before! 

Loser media company #CNN that produces #FakeNews with a narrative heavy on lies, has gotten their “kick in the pants” and America is loving it!!!

Bibi Netanyahu just revealed the truth about ‘fake news’ – CNN, Al-Jazeera, The Guardian, New York Times – wow!

Download Now WHAT IS FAKE NEWS? “Last week, headlines in CNN, Al-Jazeera and The Guardian said that Hamas now accepts a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines.The New York Times headline called this “moderation”. The intimation is that… Read More

Sean Spicer During today’s briefing : “Number one priority is making sure that people who pose a threat to this country are immediately dealt with.”

Download Now “……….This is consistent with everything the President has talked about, which is prioritizing the people who are here who represent a threat to public safety or have a criminal record.  And all this does is lay out… Read More

President Trump Blasted the Media during a Press Conference, 2/16/2017 – President Trump overturns bill on coal

PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump held a press conference today, Thursday, February 16, 2017.  During the conference he told reporters that he wants to see an honest press.  More specifically, he told the press that the public does not believe… Read More

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