Video of FED Breaking Capitol Windows and CIA & Corporate BACKED Media Won’t Show This! – 6/29/2021

The Feds set up THE PATRIOTS and POTUS Trump.  Watch this video.  They disguised themselves as III%. III% would not defile the Capitol for that is a crime! The Reich Media will not show you this. They expect… Read More

KIM STRASSEL REPORTS ON THE FBI’s Manipulation of the TRUTH JUST To Get Trump – 9/26/2020-

BREAKING NEWS FROM KIMBERLEY STRASSEL AND @CBS_HERRIDGE – The guy feeding the information (Source) to the FBI was a Russian agent (suspected) and a threat to national security. The FBI asked the FISA court for a warrant to… Read More

OBAMA GATE ——- OBAMA’S Coup D’etat Exposed – Judge Jeanine – 5/10/2020

The left’s coup D’etat is now exposed and is Exposed for all to see.  Former President Barack Obama and the Obama/Biden administration were the hub of the Coup! Download Now Rod Rosenstein gave special counsel Bob Mueller the… Read More

Anti-Trump, Pro Hillary FBI Agent Lisa Page Is Saying She Never Broke the Law! – 12/3/2019

  Ex-FBI Agent and Attorney LISA PAGE is WORRIED and is preempting what is coming down the Pike – The IG REPORT that is due out around 12/9/2019.  There is a long line of Obama White House people… Read More

Joe diGenova Speaks About Nadler’s Impeachment Push – 8/1/2019 #wwg1wga

Nadler continues his efforts to impeach a Great President with his lies.   There never was Collusion or Obstruction! Durham has an ongoing criminal investigation of senior DOJ & FBI personnel of the Obama era going on right… Read More

Comey & Brennan – They Are Turning on Each Other – Unauthorized Surveillance – Political Surveillance – 5/15/2019

“James Comey, [John] Brennan and [James] Clapper have said to themselves which one of us is going to pay the Barr bill,” said diGenova on May 14.  “The Barr bill is coming due.” “This is where Brennan needs five lawyers,”… Read More

God Given Rights Know No “Color” – Listen to This Patriot – Americans First – Freedom is Our Pursuit – 10/10/2018

Download Now Video from:  BLACK CONSERVATIVE PATRIOT So, Senator Chuck Grassley said the FBI Report uncovered: EVIDENCE THAT DEMOCRAT SENATORS on Capitol Hill are falsifying evidence Vs. #Kavanaugh.  These are federal crimes that require investigation.  The left has… Read More

HOUSE ASKS QUESTIONS #2- FBI STRZOK Lies & Denies – Dems Obstruct, Collude – 7/12/2018

Listen and make up your own mind – this FBI is a zoo!

Peter Strzok Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee – July 12, 2018 (can you smell us now Strzok?)

Live Right Now – Peter Strzok Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee – `

Devin Nunes On Whether the FBI/DOJ Will Provide Key Information on “Informants Used to Spy on the Trump Campaign” – Fox And Friends – 6/25/2018

Intelligene Chairman Devin Nunes on The FBI/DOJ obstruction