KIM STRASSEL REPORTS ON THE FBI’s Manipulation of the TRUTH JUST To Get Trump – 9/26/2020-

BREAKING NEWS FROM KIMBERLEY STRASSEL AND @CBS_HERRIDGE – The guy feeding the information (Source) to the FBI was a Russian agent (suspected) and a threat to national security. The FBI asked the FISA court for a warrant to… Read More

How Obama SPIED on the Trump Administration as a Police State – Obama’s coup d’├ętat – 5/19/2020

The Obama administration were sabotaging Candidate Donald J. Trump, President Elect Trump and subsequently, President Donald J. Trump. They spied on him and leaked the information.  It was recently uncovered that Obama put spies in the Trump campaign… Read More

Comey & Brennan – They Are Turning on Each Other – Unauthorized Surveillance – Political Surveillance – 5/15/2019

“James Comey, [John] Brennan and [James] Clapper have said to themselves which one of us is going to pay the Barr bill,” said diGenova on May 14.  “The Barr bill is coming due.” “This is where Brennan needs five lawyers,”… Read More

Wiretapping of President Donald Trump – supporting information

Download Now There is a much bigger scandal here: (FISA=Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) LEVINE: “We have a prior administration, Barack Obama and his surrogates, who were supporting Hillary Clinton who were supporting the Democrat Party, who were using… Read More