Devin Nunes On Whether the FBI/DOJ Will Provide Key Information on “Informants Used to Spy on the Trump Campaign” – Fox And Friends – 6/25/2018

@5:00 PM the DOJ & FBI are going to be facing Intel Chairman Devin Nunes’ Deadline to explain their alleged use of informants in the Trump Campaign. The Bureau sent classified information in a letter, but the top Republican said is: NOT ENOUGH!


“Knowing the past, they probably are not going to meet the deadline.”  

I think the American people are beginning to see what it is that we have been after for a very long time.  And that is, is it common, or does it ever happen that the counter intelligence agencies or capabilities of this country, are they used to target political campaigns?  We need to know that answer.  The Democrats are hiding because they are married to the Russia Gate fiasco that has been going on for so long.

Most of the American people, including most people in politics, would be very, very worried if the FBI and others are running informants into our campaigns.

Very simple question, it deserves a very simple answer.  We have been asking that question for many, many months.  On Friday we thought we had a meeting on Friday. But we received a letter almost at midnight Friday night, a textbook swampy example of what they do here in Washington is to tell you they are going to get it by the end of the week and wait till nearly the stroke of midnight.

They provided many documents last week, we cleaned up most of what was on the table, except for the most important piece.  First Issue: You can’t Use Gang of Eight.  You can’t take information that our investigators and our committee members found and then retroactively say NO! NO!  Sorry Congress, we are going to move that so only the leaders in Congress can see this information, when it’s information that we dug up. We will handle that today.  We are going to meet with the Director of National Intelligence. Hopefully, we get somewhere on that issue.

Second Issue:  Did you or did you not run informants into the Trump Campaign? Especially, before the investigation even began.

How did this investigation begin according to the New York Times and the Mainstream Media?

1. The DNC email dump in July

2.  Our great friend from Australia gave us “five eyes” intelligence so that we can open the investigation.  (That’s not True) There was no Five Eyes intelligence product that was used.  It was ran through the State Department from State Department people who still need to be interviewed and who are now talking to their friends in the mainstream media.  They say they are the ones who got that information to the FBI.  That would be totally irregular how you open this investigation in the first place.  What people are ignoring is:  What if parts of that story are not true?

3.  Did you use the counter-intelligence capability of this country to run informants or spies into the Trump Campaign before that date?

4.  Are you running spies into another Senate Campaigns? House Members’ Campaigns?  Is this a practice that you have been using for years.   This needs to be cleared up.  The DOJ & FBI are in a very slippery slope.  We need to keep these capabilities to track down terrorists.  I bet you would not find one vote to keep these capabilities in place.

Today will be a very important day to see if the FBI and DOJ finally provide the required information and documentation to get to the truth!  Stay tuned.


Last Week was “Infrastructure Week” – This week is “WorkForce Development Week” – 6/12/2017 – Today POTUS visited Wisconsin to discuss this Program – Apprenticeships to get Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – 6/13/2017

I fully support President Trump and admire him for continuing to work on the mandate we gave him on election day.  He has to be congratulated for his strength and determination to accomplish his goals to #MAGA.  Thank you Mr. President, and We Are With You Sir. Ivanka Trump you are an awesome woman, wife, mother and daughter and a great executive and Leader to all successful women.  Thank you!

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Monday kicked off the Trump Administration’s ‘Workforce Development Week’ and senior officials will hold meetings with private, government and American workers and POTUS will announce plans for substantial administrative actions.

Statement by the Press Secretary on Workforce Development Week

This week the President is placing a strong emphasis on workforce development. Secretaries Alexander Acosta and Betsy DeVos, along with the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and Reed Cordish with the Office of American Innovation, have been deeply involved in this push.  Secretary Acosta addressed this issue this morning at the President’s first meeting with a fully confirmed Cabinet. Secretary Acosta delivered a presentation on the importance of expanding apprenticeships in America and the need for all agencies to support the Administration’s apprenticeship initiative. A memorandum discussing this policy issue, which every member of the Cabinet received at this morning’s meeting, is attached.

“So last week… was infrastructure week. Focusing on the commitment to rebuilding this country, rebuild[ing] rural locations, which have fallen into great disrepair, repair[ing] our waterways, air traffic control. So there were a series of very important and big and far-reaching initiatives on infrastructure. This coming week is about workforce development. … Ultimately, we are really focused on why the American people elected Donald Trump as their president.” 

– Ivanka Trump




IVANKA TRUMP: “So last week, while it didn’t get the level of headlines, it will ultimately have a much more impact, was infrastructure week. Focusing on the commitment to rebuilding this country, rebuild rural locations, which have fallen into great disrepair, repair our waterways, air traffic control. So there were a series of very important and big and far-reaching initiatives on infrastructure. This coming week is about workforce development. So with all the noise, with all the intensity of the media coverage….ultimately, we are really focused on why the American people elected Donald Trump as their president.”

AINSLEY EARHARDT, FOX NEWS: “People say jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s why you, your dad, the Secretary of Labor–You are going to Wisconsin tomorrow to visit with kids taking classes at technical schools?”

TRUMP: “We are visiting one of the great examples of skilled based learning and skills based education technical schools in Wisconsin–which we are very excited about–to talk about the skills gap and to really highlight the fact that there is a viable path other than a four-year college experience. … There are 6 million available American jobs. …[W]e’re constantly hearing from CEOs that they have job openings but they don’t have workers with the skill set they need to fill those jobs. Really bridging that gap and bringing experienced based education to the forefront. So apprenticeship, actually, that’s the model.

STEVE DOOCY, FOX NEWS: “Something your dad knows it well.”

TRUMP: “He knows it very well! And it has worked throughout the world and it is something we deemphasized here in favor of four-year traditional college, but they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

DOOCY: “As somebody who has run her own business, this something personal to you. I’m sure there have been situations where we love to hire people but we can’t find the people who have the right skill set.”

TRUMP: “It’s true, and while it’s not a woman’s issue, it disproportionately affects women and minorities, especially when you think out into the future where the available jobs today and [where] the future jobs are coming from. A lot of … them are in STEM-related fields, science, engineering, computer science.”

DOOCY: “So teach them today for the jobs of tomorrow?”

TRUMP: “…[W]omen are, for example, … 47% of the overall workforce, we only make up 23% of STEM-related occupations. So, we’re moving in the wrong direction in terms of our participation and that’s something ultimately we need to change. We’ll encourage … K-12, but also retraining for workers whose jobs have been displaced. So we have a huge emphasis on it this week. It’s critically important and I think we can make a very big impact.”

TRUMP: “Yeah, and we need the full participation. So many people are also working jobs that are part-time, and it’s an enormous problem in this country. The number of part-time workers who are working two and three jobs that, collectively, they are making less than when they worked one job that’s been replaced. And they don’t have access to leave for vacation to holidays, to traditional benefits. So that’s another problem we are very much looking address.”

SOURCE: White House