INFORMATION GATHERED: Durham Probe Now a Criminal Investigation- 10/25/2019

BREAKING NEWS:  DEMOCRATS ARE RUNNING SCARED BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS ABOUT TO COME OUT! Department of Justice’s investigation on the origins of the Russia probe took a spectacular turn on Thursday when the investigation changed from “Administrative Review”… Read More

Devin Nunes On Whether the FBI/DOJ Will Provide Key Information on “Informants Used to Spy on the Trump Campaign” – Fox And Friends – 6/25/2018

Intelligene Chairman Devin Nunes on The FBI/DOJ obstruction

Last Week was “Infrastructure Week” – This week is “WorkForce Development Week” – 6/12/2017 – Today POTUS visited Wisconsin to discuss this Program – Apprenticeships to get Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – 6/13/2017

God Be With President #DonaldjTrump – #POTUS continues his plans to #MAGA no matter what snares Dems throw at him. POTUS is a man of his word. I am in, how about you?