Iran Launched Missiles Towards U.S. Forces in Iraq – 1/7/2020

Breaking:  Pentagon confirms “Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles against the U.S. military and coalition forces in Iraq. Pentagon confirmed that these were surface-to-surface ballistic missile attacks.” The President is authorized to react accordingly.  He is… Read More

To GOD Be The Glory, to President Trump and Our GOD-GIVEN Amazing Military – The White House – 10/27/2019

America Prayed to God Almighty – God Sent Us President Trump! PRESIDENT TRUMP is keeping his promises – to those of us who know of him since the early 80’s and have been nearby, we know this great… Read More

COMMENTS on President Trump’s Warning to Syria

It was legal, it had to be done because he was in violation of an agreement that we were guarantors of that he would get rid of chemicals weapons and he lied and didn’t do so. He was also in violation of international law, also in violation of a UN Security Council Resolution