Vice President PENCE Delivers Remarks at Israel’s 70th Independence Day Celebration! – 5/14/2018

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President Donald J. Trump’s Message Upon the Dedication of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem – A Historic Day! – 5/14/2018

Today, we finally acknowledge the obvious: that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

President Donald J. Trump

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem Dedication Ceremony – “We Wish Jerusalem, Israel and It’s Neighbors Peace” President Donald J. Trump – 5/14/2018

Ceremony underway to Mark Opening of New U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem – 5/14/2018

Vice President Pence Participates in an Israel Independence Day Commemoration Event – The White House – 3/12/2018

Independence Day is designated to be on the 5th Day of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar, the anniversary of the day on which Israeli Independence

Historic Statement from President Donald J. Trump On Jerusalem – 12/6/2017

GOD Protect Israel and President Donald J. Trump! Thank you Sir! 12/6/2017

Live Feed – Vice President Pence Delivers Keynote Address at the Christians United for Israel Washington Summit – Audio 7/17/2017

Christians We Support Israel – No Place In America for Hate Against the Jewish State

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