REMINDER: AG Barr holds press conference on “Operation Legend” in Kansas City, Missouri – 8/19/2020

“The most important duty of government is to provide for the safety of the community”  AG William Barr Operation Legend is a federal law enforcement operation in the U.S. initiated by the Trump administration. The operation was named… Read More

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT drops case against General Michael Flynn due to New Evidence – 5/7/2020

BREAKING:  The DOJ asks judge to drop the Flynn prosecution.  Newly discovered information has come out that the FBI’s interview of General Flynn was conducted without any legitimate basis.  They utilized every means possible to keep the Flynn… Read More

Justice Department – Bob Mueller to Make a Statement – 5/29/2019 {UPDATES}

It is shocking to see that Bob Mueller closed the case, without investigating Hillary Clinton and her paying for the Fake Dossier and the dark work from the upper echelon of the FBI, DOJ, et al.  This is… Read More

12 Russians Indicated: Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein Press Conference – Justice Department – 7/13/2018

12 Russian Intelligence officers have been idnicted fo rhacking the Democratic National Committe during the 2016 Election.

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