PRESIDENT TRUMP Meeting with Kim Yong Chol, Kim Jung Un’s Right Hand Man, in the Oval Office This Moment – America Pray for Peace – 6/1/2018

President Trump and Kim Yong Cool in the Oval Office – A Historic Meeting – 6/1/2018

PRESIDENT TRUMP Withdraws from Planned June 12th Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – The White House – 5/24/2018

President Trump pulls the plug on the North Korea planned Summit on June 12, 2018

N. Korean Launched Massive Artillery Drill Near Coast – On 4/25/2017 CHINA warns Kim Jong-Un Pyongyang faces “GREAT LOSSES” if N. Korea tests another nuke

Tensions between U.S. and N. Korea have reached their limits

Gingrich on North Korea, the threat that is Kim Jung Un – “The Era of strategic patience is over”

Download Now   VP Mike Pence:  The Era of Strategic Patience is Over. General McMaster: It’s clear that the President is determined not to allow this kind of capability to threaten the United States. A Senior North Korean Official stated that Thermonuclear War… Read More