Jay Sekulow discusses Bombshell: Bob Mueller’s team & Mueller wiped their cell phones during Russia Hoax Investigation – Some Multiple Times 9/14/2020

ACLJ: bombshell revelation that Bob Mueller’s team, including Mueller himself, “accidentally” wiped their cell phones during the Russia Hoax investigation. Some of them wiped their phones multiple times.

Anti-Trump, Pro Hillary FBI Agent Lisa Page Is Saying She Never Broke the Law! – 12/3/2019

  Ex-FBI Agent and Attorney LISA PAGE is WORRIED and is preempting what is coming down the Pike – The IG REPORT that is due out around 12/9/2019.  There is a long line of Obama White House people… Read More

Newly obtained text messages between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Show personal Relationship with Federal Judge who Presided over Michael Flynn’s Case

Download Now   First, I have to say that we support the FBI Rank and File.  These men and women protect our country and do their job.  The upper echelon of the FBI have gone off the rails. … Read More

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