Globalist Pro-Iran U.S. Media Asks Questions of Secretary Pompeo, Exposing Themselves as Supporters of Iran & Not America – 1/7/2020

Listen to this video.  Every word uttered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is pro-America. Every question from the media exposes their bias and traitorous support for our enemies.  This is the media and democrat party. The goal… Read More

HISTORIC: President Trump Walks into North Korea To Continue Negotiations – 6/30/2019

A Historic Event:   🚨Happening Now:President @realDonaldTrump is wheels up for the DMZ — from Seoul, South Korea… — Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸 (@Scavino45) June 30, 2019   President Trump steped inside North Korea and agreed to further… Read More

A Message from President Donald J. Trump – The White House – 6/15/2018 #DenukingOfNorthKorea –

A message from Our Powerful Patriot – President Donald J. Trump – 6/15/2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Holds a Briefing After Meeting with Top Notch North Korean Official – 5/31/2018

Secretary Pompeo Speaks about his Meeting with North Korean Official – U.S. State Department

PRESIDENT TRUMP Withdraws from Planned June 12th Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – The White House – 5/24/2018

President Trump pulls the plug on the North Korea planned Summit on June 12, 2018


RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING –  At 7:00PM EST, there will be a major announcement at the White House about North Korea. It is expected that it will be announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a message… Read More

PRESIDENT TRUMP was “CRYSTAL CLEAR” today at the United Nations – 9/19/2017

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself.” President Donald J. Trump

LIVE – Rex Tillerson Press Briefing on Trump Putin Meeting – 7/7/2017

This was a thorough, detailed press conference by Secretary Tillerson on President Trump and President Putin and world events.

Press Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer – 4/19/2017

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Gingrich on North Korea, the threat that is Kim Jung Un – “The Era of strategic patience is over”

Download Now   VP Mike Pence:  The Era of Strategic Patience is Over. General McMaster: It’s clear that the President is determined not to allow this kind of capability to threaten the United States. A Senior North Korean Official stated that Thermonuclear War… Read More

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