Peter Navarros Report on Democrat Voter Fraud

PETER NAVARRO REPORT “THE ART OF THE STEAL” VOL 2 – How the Democrat Party colluded to steal the 2020 Elections from President Donald J. Trump – 1/5/2020

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS YOUR PRESIDENT! REMEMBER THAT! Download Now   TO KEEP YOU INFORMED, I HAVE ATTACHED THE LATEST PETER NAVARRO REPORT:  “The Art of the Steal” Volume 2. I have pasted the entire Executive Summary of this… Read More

Peter Navarro’s Report on the 2020 Election Steal Irregularities – 12/20/2020

Peter Navarro’s 5 key takeaways:   Download Now 1.Coordinated strategy to stuff the ballot box with Biden VOTES AND TO DESTROY TRUMP BALLOTS 2.The number of possible illegal votes dwarfs the alleged Biden victory margins in the six… Read More

Peter Navarro speaks about China’s Hoarding of PPE Equipment & Pelosi Inviting People to Chinatown – 4/22/2020

    China has become a threat to the security of the American people.  The COVID19 crisis exposed it.  China kept people in the dark so much so that they told the WHO that there was no human-to-human… Read More

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