“The Calm Before The Storm”DJT – Q For Beginners Part 1 & 2 – Who is Q? by Praying Medic – 3/27/2020

Q is a small group of people who are very close to the President on a daily basis, who post interesting information that would be difficult to post if you weren’t very very close to the President on… Read More

Democrats Have lost their Minds – 2/25/2020

Democrats don’t hide it anymore. They ARE full fledged Socialists who sound like the voices of the pre-WWI Germany. As Mark Meadows says here: They don’t hide it anymore. Democrats have lost their way. They do not represent… Read More

Deep State Soros Media ORGANIZED CAMPAIGN and Social Media Lie to You America! – Ask The Q – #wwg1wga

IF YOU GET PAID BY A FOREIGN AGENT TO LIE TO YOUR COUNTRY, YOU ARE A TRAITOR! If you listen to the Left’s media they sound like imbeciles! They are given the script to spew, like dummies, by… Read More