President Trump Speaks from the White House – 5/19/2020

5/19/20- President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting our Nation’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Supply Chain   Download Now   God Bless Our Ranchers and Food Producers for the incredible work you all do! Feeding America is not easy!… Read More

President Trump Makes an Announcement on EU Trade – The White House – 8/2/2019

President Trump is signing a new EU Trade Agreement that will benefits our farmers, ranchers.  This agreement gives farmers, ranchers access to markets for U.S. Beef.  This is the kind of agreement America needs.   President Trump makes… Read More

RE: FARMERS-Ranchers – President Trump Delivers Remarks on Supporting America’s Farmers & Ranchers – The White House – 5/23/2019

President Donald J. Trump Will Always Support America’s Farmers LAND & AGRICULTURE Issued on: May 23, 2019 QUOTE On every front, we are fighting for our great farmers, our ranchers, our growers. President Donald J. Trump DEFENDING AMERICAN… Read More

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