This is a Judeo-Christian Nation – No SHARIA LAW will be accepted – Raping, Sodomizing, etc. a 5 year old child with a knife by 3 migrant boys from Iraq, all you get is probation? Not in America you Don’t – Gag order by a Judge in Ohio? – 6/26/2017


LIBERALS Want to designate all of Maryland as a “Sanctuary State?”

  Liberals State legislators are now attempting to turn Rockville, Maryland into a sanctuary city and to designate all of Maryland as a sanctuary state??? Republican Governor Larry Hogan has sense and is attached to reality and has… Read More

YOUNG 14-year old FEMALE student in Montgomery County, Rockville, MD was savagely raped and sodomized in her school bathroom by one 18-year old illegal alien from Guatemala a 17-year old from San Salvador

WE ARE CITIZENS OF AMERICA, if we can’t demand to be protected in our country, where do we go to get our rights protected?

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