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This is a Judeo-Christian Nation – No SHARIA LAW will be accepted – Raping, Sodomizing, etc. a 5 year old child with a knife by 3 migrant boys from Iraq, all you get is probation? Not in America you Don’t – Gag order by a Judge in Ohio? – 6/26/2017


Summer of 2016 – 5 -year old girl was sexually assaulted and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Since then, instead of getting justice, the family of the child was abused by law enforcement and the governing authorities and the criminals.  What happened to that girl contradicts the Sharia Compliant, politically correct narrative about Muslim migrants. They were sentenced on Monday, all they got was “probation.”  These muslims from Iraq gang raped this little girl, sodomized her and all other things.  

The prosecuting attorney said it was not rape and denied where the perpetrators where from.  Judge Thomas Borison of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District ordered the little girl’s parents not to speak of it, a gag order.  That is not legal. These three migrants rapists who had pleaded guilty to it all, gave them probation and no time.

Pamela Geller is keeping in touch with the parents of this child and gets reports from the victim’s family. Their lawyer told the Idaho Statesmen about this and is now facing a contempt of court charge for wanting to help this family and their traumatized child.

This video was sent to me by a friend and I am so sickened by it, I am speechless. I must share it with you Patriots to prevent what I see happening in America as we breathe.  

This little girl hides in a closet because she is afraid of the world. This little girl has to live with being raped, sodomized, urinated on her body and mouth by three criminals. 


Muslim migrant rapists of five-year-old Idaho girl get probation and judge issues a gag order to hide this gross miscarriage of justice. Their gofundme page is here: https://www.gofundme.com/2a6rst6g

 The family of this poor girl is traumatized, their daughter is sick with fright, the judge issues a gag order, and these three illegal criminals get away with it.  In America, in the old west, we would either shoot or hang these pig criminals.  Where is the moral outrage America?  Where are the men in Idaho? Does anyone else know?

I am writing this article because we need to share this everywhere.  This is the beginning of the end.  If we don’t fight right now America, Sharia Law will take over our Constitutional America.  We are warriors, let us act like it.  I am outraged, sickened, mad and oh so ready for this fight to establish a “red line” that is already established by the Constitution of the United States.  

 Will write a follow up to this tomorrow



LIBERALS Want to designate all of Maryland as a “Sanctuary State?”


Liberals State legislators are now attempting to turn Rockville, Maryland into a sanctuary city and to designate all of Maryland as a sanctuary state???


Republican Governor Larry Hogan has sense and is attached to reality and has vowed to veto any such measure, thank GOD!!!

President Trump’s concerns are obvious:  There are 820,000 criminals that have been reported among the 11,000,000. million people living here illegally in our country.  Finally, the American public gets it, but it took a long time, more than a decade, for them to understand what is being done to them, their children and to our communities.

A recent Harvard Harris poll shows that 80% of voters agree that local officials should have to refer illegal immigrants to federal authorities.  Since President Trump’s inauguration, 25 states now have measures that would prohibit sanctuary policies and non-compliance with immigration detainers.

It is simple! Sanctuary cities need to obey federal laws.  All Americans need to obey our laws.  And President Trump’s law and order agenda is long overdue and much appreciated.



Michelle Malkin, senior editor of Conservative Review said on Fox & Friends:  “First of all, we have to stop calling these places sanctuary cities. They are outlaw cities.  These are safe spaces for criminality, and people are sick and tired of it. Ordinary Americans and taxpayers are being heard by President Donald Trump.”

Malkin said that new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is committed to enforcing the rule of law and sending a message to everyone of these police departments that they must not defy that rule of law.  Malkin also said that liberals are trying to protect journalists from the Trump administration, “this is about trying to criminalize the dissent in America. It’s what the left is always about.”

The left is trying to invoke some kind of impenetrable shield around journalists who have long enjoyed living in a bubble, and Donald Trump more than any other politician in modern America has successfully pierced that bubble.




YOUNG 14-year old FEMALE student in Montgomery County, Rockville, MD was savagely raped and sodomized in her school bathroom by one 18-year old illegal alien from Guatemala a 17-year old from San Salvador

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC DID NOT COVER THIS STORY – IGNORED BY THE NATIONAL MEDIA.  ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS A POLITICAL ISSUE to the Democratic Party.  We don’t know who is here, or from where. Major networks ignored the story because they want to be politically correct over the rights and safety of the American people. They also don’t want to help President Trump. Democrats only worry about filling their voting rolls, not the safety of our children, our citizens.  Do you all know that Today in America, we  are not allowed to ask if someone is an illegal immigrant.

You have all heard that a 14-year old girl was savagely raped and sodomized by two 18-year old illegal aliens who were in the school without the knowledge of the parents and their children in their own school. The school allowed this to happen. To make things even worse, local Maryland politicians are committed to so-called “sanctuary” policies.  So, your safety Maryland citizens is of no importance to politicians, but the rights of illegals is?  

The school Superintendent, Jack R. Smith, actually criticized parents who were concerned about adult illegal immigrants being allowed to enroll in Montgomery County public schools.  

“We are a public school system and we serve all of our students when they come to us. When we look to that, it is not only the right thing to do and the good thing to do, and it benefits  the students and our community, and our state, it is also the law of the land.”  Maryland School Superintendent, Jack R. Smith

What makes Americans really upset is the fact that they trust the school system to protect their children while they are in the custody of their teachers and on school grounds. If parents cannot trust that, I don’t know how many parents would feel safe sending their children to school, not knowing if they will be safe during the school day, or come back at all.  

The issue of illegal immigration has to be handled, and handled quickly.  It is our children who are paying the price for the lack of leadership in the Democratic Party.  We all know that President Donald J. Trump will build a wall and straighten out immigration policies. It is the Democrats that have to stop their games and opposition to immigration reform.  Democrats need to step up and protect our children and our society from this problem.