Police Brutality? A Presentation of the Facts by Rudy Giuliani, Esq. Or, was it Staged – 6/12/2020

Let me start by saying that the deep state has been pulling every trick in the book to destroy this President, his administration, his plans to better America and to block his reelection at any cost.  This killing… Read More

Rudy Giuliani: The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #Obamagate –

OBAMA BETRAYED AMERICA! – Obama should answer “What Did He Know? & “When Did He Know It?   A ROUGE Counter-Intelligence Trap – Part of #Obamagate EP. 36 With George Papadopoulos   Download Now   The Attempt to… Read More

Rudy Giuliani’s: How Italy is Reopening after Coronavirus Shutdown – 5/12/2020

Rudy Giuliani interviews Andres Ruggieri, Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Lawyer, Journalist, Rome, Italy. He explains how Italy is beginning to reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns and the mistakes Italy made that America can learn from. Download… Read More

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