AG William Barr Makes Remarks on China Policy – Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum – 7/20/2020

China is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese people are also victims of the CCP and live in terror. Download Now   Download Now Download Now   Message from “Q” Humanity is good, but, when… Read More

CCP China Lashes Out vs. International Pressure to Probe Its Response to COVID19 – 5/21/2020

America and the World cannot go through another pandemic created by Communist China.  What is worse is that China knew the pandemic was out of control and said nothing. China stopped all incoming flights to China but allowed… Read More

Globalist Pro-Iran U.S. Media Asks Questions of Secretary Pompeo, Exposing Themselves as Supporters of Iran & Not America – 1/7/2020

Listen to this video.  Every word uttered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is pro-America. Every question from the media exposes their bias and traitorous support for our enemies.  This is the media and democrat party. The goal… Read More

President Trump – No Deal Worked Out – Will Continue to Work with Chairman Kim – – 2/28/2018

NO DEAL YET! Chairman Kim has a vision that is not close to the vision of President Trump and America.  President Trump will continue working with N. Korea. President Trump said:  We got our hostages back, there is… Read More

PRESIDENT TRUMP Meeting with Kim Yong Chol, Kim Jung Un’s Right Hand Man, in the Oval Office This Moment – America Pray for Peace – 6/1/2018

President Trump and Kim Yong Cool in the Oval Office – A Historic Meeting – 6/1/2018

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