Rudy Giuliani: The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #Obamagate –

OBAMA BETRAYED AMERICA! – Obama should answer “What Did He Know? & “When Did He Know It?   A ROUGE Counter-Intelligence Trap – Part of #Obamagate EP. 36 With George Papadopoulos   Download Now   The Attempt to… Read More

Stuart Varney’s Take on the Susan Rice Memo to Self – My Take: Another coverup for Obama – 2/13/2018

I will not hide our feelings about this last administration.  We never trusted it, never believed they ever worked on behalf of U.S. Citizens. Having said that, here is another little bit of information you may want to… Read More

Congress expands ‘unmasking’ probe amid questions over Rice role

NOTE TO READER: What really bothers me in this situation, is the fact that private American citizens, in this case Trump and His people, were being investigated in the same way you investigate a suspect in a criminal… Read More