MORE INTEL DROPS – 5/27/2021

Download Now News from Cirsten W. Dr Fauci is missing. His wife purchased homes in UK, Panama, Argentina. He’s been missing since February. His apartment in DC is empty. Where is Fauci. Hillary Clinton was tried in military… Read More

DEMOCRATS HAVE NO HONOR AND WILL REGRET GOING AFTER POTUS TRUMP As usual democrats are willingly working to destroy Our Republic. This is what you get when an illegitimate, unconstitutional person makes believe he is inaugurated and is president.. Biden is president of the Old corporation called the… Read More


Tucker exclusive: Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, speaks out on Joe Biden SCHIFF must be held responsible.  Schiff keeps lying, smearing decent patriots like PRESIDENT TRUMP, Mr. Bobulinski, and others.  Schiff keeps lying about Russian disinformation to cover… Read More


PLEASE WATCH this video and evidence I have posted here today. Biden is a Traitor, along with his son, selling off America to the Chinese Communist Party. Just how much have the Bidens been compromised by the Chinese… Read More

America, Do you Remember when Biden said This about Black People? He lies all the time – Will DO anything to win back control of the White House – 6/11/2020

In the 1992 remarks, Biden was trying to battle accusations that the bill was “weak” on crime. “Let me tell you what is in the bill, and I’ll let you all decide whether or not this is ‘weak,’” he… Read More

Rudy Giuliani: The Attempt to Destroy George Papadopoulos #Obamagate –

OBAMA BETRAYED AMERICA! – Obama should answer “What Did He Know? & “When Did He Know It?   A ROUGE Counter-Intelligence Trap – Part of #Obamagate EP. 36 With George Papadopoulos   Download Now   The Attempt to… Read More

Live: Senate Trial reconvenes for Vote – 2/5/2020

Here is a list of all the good President Trump has been doing FOR AMERICA and the WORLD since he was elected in 2017.  The lies spun by Hillary Clinton WITH HER paid for the FAKE DOSSIER STARTED… Read More

Want to Hear What Iranians Are Really Saying About President Trump and His Courage? – 1/8/2020 – #IraniansDetestSoleimani #EverybodyCalmDown

Don’t believe Globalist and Liar Nancy Pelosi, or Any foreign financed Democrat or RINO.  They want to put America in chains.  They are doing the work for those who are paying them to destroy America and impeach President… Read More

FIGHTING DEEP STATE LIES: Tom Fitton on “Steve Bannon’s War Room” – Impeachment – 11/19/2019

Hear what is really happening with the Fake, Unconstitutional, Illegal #Impeachment of President Trump from Steve Bannon.  The left has nothing, this is a coup d’etat and honorable Americans, we see it!   Download Now   VINDMAN took… Read More

WHO KILLED SETH RICH? – SOLVE CONSPIRACY – 219.1 – CLINTONS Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen

Alpha Jalloh set up the murder of Seth Rich – Hired MS 13 – was arrested End of November regarding the NY/NJ car theft ring .

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