Presidential Commission on Debates… Move Up The Debates- 8/7/2020

Welcome to the Presidential and VP Debate debacle. As more and More Americans Vote Early, HALF THE PEOPLE VOTE BY MID-OCTOBER said Rudy Giuliani. If we begin on September 29th, week one, first presidential debate, as many as… Read More

Trump Administration Timeline on Decisive Actions to Combat Coronavirus – 4/15/2020

SOURCE:  TRUMP CAMPAIGN Patriots We all KNOW that the deep state desperately wants to Blame The #Wuhan #China #Coronavirus on President Trump. Since we all know that is RIDICULOUS and a LIE, they now want to say that… Read More

Live: AG Willim Barr Holds Press Conference Regarding Mueller Report

BARR affirms Mueller found no evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion The Special Counsel found “NO COLLUSION” by Americans – Found “no evidence” that members of the Trump Campaign committed any crimes.   Download Now     9 Error happened.

Newly obtained text messages between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Show personal Relationship with Federal Judge who Presided over Michael Flynn’s Case

Download Now   First, I have to say that we support the FBI Rank and File.  These men and women protect our country and do their job.  The upper echelon of the FBI have gone off the rails. … Read More