Vice President Pence – Roundtable with Hospitality & Tourism Industry Leaders – Orlando, Florida – 5/20/2020

Vice President Mike Pence meets with Hospitality and Tourism Industry Leaders, Orland, Florida – With Governor Ron DeSantis.  5/20/2020   Download Now 0 Error happened.

Vice President Mike Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing – The White House – 3/14/2020

Just finished a meeting on Covid-19 in the Situation Room, news conference coming up shortly. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2020   Download Now   Download Now 0 Error happened.

Important Information from VP Pence, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Hot Line for Symptoms – – ECONOMIC Package Information Larry Kudlow – The White House – 3/11/2020

HERE is advice from Vice President Pence, Surgeon General Jerome Adams and members of the Coronavirus Presidential Task Force: SHARE THIS WITH YOU FAMILY FROM THE SURGEON GENERAL: Know your risk: If you are immunocompromised, if you have… Read More

Live Stream Starting Soon: Vice President Mike Pence and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing – The Trump White House – 3/9/2020

Readout from the Vice President’s Discussion with our Nation’s Governors on COVID-19 Coordination & Preparedness  HEALTHCARE  Issued on: March 9, 2020 Vice President Mike Pence today participated in a discussion with nearly 50 of our Nation’s governors to provide an… Read More

Live: Vice President Mike Pence to meet with cruise line executives and port directors to discuss the coronavirus – 3/7/2020

Vice President Mike Pence is live from Florida with Governor Ron DeSantis and cruise line executives and port directors to discuss Coronavirus.  3/7/2020   Download Now 1 Error happened.

President Trump and Ivanka Trump – White House Summit On Human Trafficking – 1/31/2020

White House Summit on Human Trafficking: The 20th Anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 Executive Order on Combating Human Trafficking and Online Child Exploitation in the United States  LAW & JUSTICE    Issued on: January 31,… Read More

Trump’s U.S – China Deal Phase I is Done! – Trump’s White House – Signed: 1/15/2020

“From day one, my Administration has fought tirelessly to achieve a level playing field for the American worker” President Donald J. Trump Download Now Link to entire President Trump Remarks at signing of U.S. China Trade Deal  Issued… Read More

President of The United States Donald J. Trump Speaks for the First Time After Being Impeached – The White House – 12/19/2019

  Download Now President Trump speaks to the press for the first time after the House of Representatives voted to impeach him.    Senator Jeff VanDrew, ex-Democrat leaves the Democrat Plantation Party and joins the Republican party in… Read More

President Donald J. Trump Speaks from A Business Roundtable – White House – 12/6/2019

President Trump and VP Pence host a roundtable with small businesses to discuss the Administration’s Fall Unified Agenda, a report on the Administration’s annual Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions taken in the past year along with an update on… Read More

President Trump Speaks About “Religious Freedom” …Our Rights Come from GOD – U.N. NYC – 9/23/2019 (video & transcriptions)

Download Now President Trump is Committed to Protecting Religious Freedom in the United States and Around the World LAW & JUSTICE Issued on: September 23, 2019 QUOTE Each of us has the right to follow the dictates of… Read More

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