INFORMATION GATHERED: Durham Probe Now a Criminal Investigation- 10/25/2019

BREAKING NEWS:  DEMOCRATS ARE RUNNING SCARED BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS ABOUT TO COME OUT! Department of Justice’s investigation on the origins of the Russia probe took a spectacular turn on Thursday when the investigation changed from “Administrative Review”… Read More

President Trump reacts to DNA Director Testimony on the Whistleblower Witch Hunt – 9/26/2019 – PLUS: BREAKING NEWS FROM JOHN SOLOMON

A CIA Whistleblower is behind the so called complaint.  The same CIA that espouses number one enemy of President Trump, Brennan.  This is just another continuation of the Witch Hunt that democrats launched BEFORE TRUMP was Ever ELECTED. … Read More

LIVE: ACTING DNI Joseph Maguire Testifies on “PHONY” Whistleblower Complaint – 9/26/2019

President Trump has the Presidential right to dig into what happened during the 2016 elections. The ones working behind the scenes are the those in the cabal (CLINTONS, OBAMAS, BRENNAN, PELOSI, SCHUMER, ETC.)  who were and are involved… Read More

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