Live: Attorney General Bill Barr Testifies Before the House Judiciary – Truth Will Be Spoken – 7/28/2020

The democrats have given the green light to their criminal army to kill, maim, destroy America. They think we will accept this.  In order to protect our cities, citizens and monuments, AG Barr has deployed the National Guard… Read More

Fox News Interview of Attorney General William Barr – Justice Department – 1 & 2 – 6/10/2020

Not a fan of Brett Baer, but Attorney General Bill Barr is worth our attention. He is an honest, careful professional. A seasoned professional who speaks clearly and directly. Download Now Topics: The Black Lives Matter movement to… Read More

A.G. William Barr Testifying – 4/9/2019

Download Now   Instead of working on the Department of Justice Budget Hearing, the Democrats are holding an inquisition of AG Barr because their Trump collusion lies fell through. They can’t accept the fact that President Trump has… Read More